ER visit (we're ok)

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ER visit (we're ok)

Alice has some blood in her poop last night and the ped's office wanted me to get it checked to make sure it is just an anal fissure (which it was). We went to a pediatric ER and the doctor was great. He did detect a click in Alice's left hip. He said these things sometimes don't show up til they are 2 months and to have her ped check it and the anal fissure on our well visit on Tuesday. I'm really nervous about it though. I hope it is just a ligament clicking, but if it is hip dysplasia that really complicates matters. DH has accepted a new job starting January, which means new insurance and we don't even know who the insurance is with.


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How scary, but glad that all is Ok!

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Oh... poor Alice. Glad she is okay! And I really hope the click is nothing.

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Hope everything is ok. I know that can be scary. KUP

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Glad Alice is ok and I hope the click is nothing.

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Glad it wasn't anything serious! I hope the hip click turns out to be no big deal. KUP!

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Glad the blood wasn't a big scary thing! Hoping for similar news about the hip!

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Glad everything is ok and congrats to your husband on the new job Smile

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How scary, glad to hear everything is ok. I hope it isn't hip dysplasia.