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Does anyone have an Ergo? After I lost my Moby Wrap (sooo sad) I decided to try out an Ergo ( I bought one off of Babysteals for a super good deal). I like it but I am not sure whether it is good to use now while he is still an infant? He still likes to keep his legs balled. Do I try to get his little legs through the leg holes or let him be balled up in the carrier?

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There is an infant insert you have to purchase separately. It is to be used until they are 4-5 months old. You can get one for about $25.

I have only used it once, but I liked it, will probably be using it again on Friday at a Halloween activity for the boys.

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I also purchased an ergo off of babysteals, I use it all the time with Maya. I did purchase the infant insert for her as well. Using the insert it keeps her legs balled up. I'm sure you could use a good thick blanket instead of the insert to wrap him up in.

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I have the ergo too, with the infant insert. I just got it so haven't had a chance to use it much yet but I do like it. Alice loves it too, she goes right to sleep in it.

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I have the ergo and the infant insert and I have used it quite a bit. I even wear it around the house cause kesler screams everytime i put him down.
I have worn it both ways if im going to have it on for long periods i try to get his legs thru the holes but sometimes if he is really fussy i just plop him in there.(he usually calms right down in seconds once he is in the ergo Wink

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You could try to swaddle him first. I think it would do just about the same. In fact, I swaddle Evie up usually before I put her in my Miracle Wrap (similar to Moby but no longer being made).

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I used my Ergo yesterday at the pumpkin patch. I had him in a big thick bunting and just put him in it Lol His legs kind of went off to the side but he was pretty secure so I just wore him that way.

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I went to my local babywearing group a couple months ago and one of the ladies who comes is very educated in it all, and owns a babywearing carrier store locally was there.
We talked about the Ergo for an infant and with the infant insert. She expressed concern that even with the infant insert, it's still not a good enough position for a newbie. It doesn't get their legs in a proper position as good as they should, and also it keeps their backs perfectly straight, whereas they should still be contoured.

She talked about it for a long time - long enough to have me convinced not to get the Ergo for the new baby.

Ring slings and wraps are much more recommended for the first 2-3 months.
I have a Moby, and I'm even starting to hate that now, because of its stretchiness.

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I love my ergo. I use it with the infant insert. His back is definitely contoured when he's in it, not straight. That's actually one of the reasons why I like it better than the baby bjorn. I like my moby wrap, too. The ergo is more comfortable for walking and doing stuff around the house. I like the moby if I'm going to be sitting down at all (for instance I wore him in it when we went to church) because he can be in a lying down position in it, like I would hold him in my arms.

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I dont have an ergo but I have a beco butterfly and they are very similar. It is my main carrier right now and I have used it since he was a week old or so(now a month). It came with the infant insert but I just put him froggy in it, the insert was a hassle to me.

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I have used my Ergo with the insert multiple times, but with my large boobs, my back aches if I wear her for a long time... My moby wrap is more comfy for me atm.

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I have an Ergo but I wasn't planning on using it for another two months or so. I have a Moby but I'm still trying to get the hang of it.

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I have one too, but I don't have the infant insert and haven't used it with my babies as newborns, I waited until they were a bit older. I do love the ergo though. I got mine off babysteals too-one recommendation, don't get black, mine is black and the baby always seems to get milk spit up on it and it looks icky.