Erin (ekcanada) is going in!

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Erin (ekcanada) is going in!

Hey ladies, I got this update from Erin early this morning:

I am heading in! Contrax are still sporadic but building in intensity. I am bleeding a lot and passing clots so I have Berber told to go in and get checked. I have a feeling I will be sent home.

I'll update you as soon as I know more!

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Good Luck Erin.

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Good luck Erin!!

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Soo excited for her!

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Not surprising considering all the symptoms you told us yesterday. Good luck Erin!!!

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Oooohhhh... I hope things pick up and Erin can stay at the hospital! Smile Thinking of you Erin. GL!

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Good Luck Erin, hopefully you don't get sent home.

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I hope this is it! Good luck Biggrin

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Good luck! Can't wait for another update!

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Good luck, Erin! Keep us posted!

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YAY!! That is so exciting!! Can't wait for an update!!