Erin (tinker_toy88 ) - update?

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Erin (tinker_toy88 ) - update?

Any news on those twinkies girl?

I am thinking about you!

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Thinking of you as well!

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hi girls...
im home (Well at mom for a few days) resting.. the surgery went well.. he got them separated and i didnt go in to labor. ill go in details when im not so sore... but the best news sydney's fluid this moring was to a 57 from 20.. which is great! they tested their lungs and on a scale of 8 both girls got 8 out of 8 which is also great.. ive had some contractions.. and they have tied my cervix shut.. so im relaxing and resting goin back to this dr on weds goal is keep them there till 32 weeks.. but we are all hoping much longer.. the next few days are the most critical tho.. but anyways my mammas couch is calling me when im feeling better i get on and tell you all about it but im good and the girls were both doing great when i left the hosp Smile

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Sounds like the best update you could possibly have at this point! Keeping my fingers crossed that those girls stay put and healthy for several more weeks!

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Still praying for u and the babies.. (Hugs). Glad u got the best possible out come.

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Glad everything went well! KUP!

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Keep resting, so thankful it has gone well thus far!

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Oh, it was so nice to log on and "hear" this good news. Thanks for the update! Smile

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Great news! Rest up and keep baking those girls Smile

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Glad to hear everything went well. Get some rest and take care of those babies.