Eviction notice

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Eviction notice

I saw The midwife today. My cervix is still 3 (though it is a stretchy 3). But the good news is it finally came out from behind baby's head and is in a good position. I haven't slept really in three days so am exhausted and done. We talked a long time and she gave me some tincture to try. She also swept my membranes. And if on Thursday I haven't had this baby, I will try some castor oil. If the baby hasn't come by Friday, it is getting evicted, we will be breaking my water and praying that is all that is needed to push things along at that point. But the midwife's intuition is telling her I will go into labor soon.*I do feel really at peace with this decision.

I feel crampy and am having contractions with back pain now, hopefully this will turn into something.

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Oooo hopefully. KUP

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crossing my fingers something starts soon!!!

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I hope the membrane sweep will work. You sound "favorable"!

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All sounds promising! Awesome to have a plan in place!

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Sounds like a decent plan to me! Hopefully the sweep will get you going. I see my OB Wednesday, and will gladly accept induction Thursday if she agrees. I am done!