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Eye Color

Jacob's eyes are still blue, and I'm not sure if this is going to be permanent or not. I figured by 3 months, his brown eyes would be in (both DH and I have brown eyes, though we both have a chance for light eyes as well) but his eyes are still very much a lovely blue shade. I don't remember how long it took my older kids eyes to change. Anyone else still waiting for the eyes to change? I figure if we make it to 6 months and he's still blue eyed, they're gonna stick around. Until then tho.... lol!

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Selah's eyes are still a blue-ish/grey color. My DS and DD1's eyes stayed this color until a little over a year and then turned. DS has beautiful big brown eyes now and DD1 has pretty hazel eyes. DH has blue eyes... so maybe Selah's will stay blue, but I have no clue at this point!

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my oldest had blue eyes until she was a year old! They turned green and now they are hazel.DS1 had blue for quite some time too, he's 2 and some days they still look green/blue but I have no doubt his will be hazel as well. Isaiah's are still dark blue/grey, I actually think his might end up brown cause they are darker than dd1 and ds1's at this age. Dd2 has had brown since about 3 months. Mine are brown and dh's are blue. My parents both had brown though and my brother has bright green eyes, his were blue until he was 3 according to my mom and then turned green.

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DD1 eyes didn't change until she was almost 1 yr and then they turned a beautiful chocolate brown. Kaylee has the same greyish blue DD1 so I think hers will change to brown as well. But Brad has these super blue eyes with eyelashes that go forever so I hope he keeps them.

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it can certainly take a while. Since Evie has red hair, I'm pretty sure they will stay blue or turn green or hazel, but probably not brown. That would just look weird. LOL

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Dd1 had pale blue eyes until about a year ago, then they changed to a blue-grey. Dd2 has dark blue eyes. Dh and I both have blue eyes so I don't expect her eyes to change too much.

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Here's a picture of Jacob today. As you can see, compared to the pic in my sig, the eyes do look a bit lighter.

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I think they change around 6 months but I'm not sure!? Markus still has blue eyes but Clara's have changed to hazel like us.

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I know Chloe's have gotten lighter from the glass black look, but I know they will stay a dark brown or a medium brown.

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All my kids have blue eyes so I assume the girls eyes will stay blue too. Now DS1 has blue/grey eyes and they didnt turn till he was almost 5!

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Kesler has choclate brown eyes Smile skyler when he was born had beautiful steel grey eyes but later turned hazel.

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Simone's are definitely lighter than her sibling's. I am still crossing my fingers that they will turn hazel

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Ronan's eyes are still blue, and look pretty much the way they did when he was born. DD's didn't start turning green (like mine) until she was almost two, and they were (originally) a lighter shade of blue than Ronan's. I'm thinking Ronan is going to end up with hazel like my brother and dad. I don't think they'll be brown like DH's, but you never know.

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My 16 month old was born with blue and still has them.

Damien was born with blue and still has them.

Daddy has blue eyes, I have green eyes.... so they could be blue forever. Smile