Family Photographs (pic heavy)

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Family Photographs (pic heavy)

So my friend took a bunch of pics for us and I'm super pleased with just about all of them. Biggrin

Here are some of my favorites (not including my siggy pics), and a link to the album I created on photobucket with all of them.

the only thing I really like about this one is that she's smiling. Smile

We had a hard time getting DS#2 to relax enough to smile

DS#1 was showing off his modeling skills. Wink

A decent family pic

She was talking to me

She was getting sleepy, so she needed her binky

And then she fell asleep, so we pulled it out. Smile

The entire shoot took about 2 hours, my friend was VERY patient.

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They turned out great, what a beautiful family you have!!! I love her hair!

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Beautiful! All three kids have the same head as their daddy, too cute. Smile TFS!

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Great pictures!

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They turned out great, you have a beautiful family Smile

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They turned out great!!!!

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Beautiful family, and great pics!

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Beautiful pictures of the family!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.:)