Family Pics 2011

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Family Pics 2011

Here are some of the pics we had done when we went to Sears. I posted more of Alyssa than the other kids cause well, this IS her birthboard after all lol :).


All 5 kids together:

Christopher - 11 years old

Cameron - 8 years old

Heather - almost 4. I couldn't resist putting a couple extra pics in.

Hailey - 18 months old

Alyssa - 2 1/2 months old

Thanks for looking Smile

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Your family is beautiful!! All pics turned out great! Smile

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Love thius pics Smile

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*lurker* Those are great!!! I love the dresses Smile

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Where did you get Alyssa's dress/headband? LOVE.

Lots of cuteness you've got there, mama! TFS.

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Dress came from Walmart and the headband came as part of a gift set of multiple headbands/flowers that Hailey got from the 1st bday gift exchange on our board :). Hailey won't keep anything on her head anymore so I figured, eh, Alyssa can use them lol. I have seen things like that in the dollar store though, the different flowers and the headbands seperately Smile

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Beautiful Family...I love the one of Hailey sucking her Thumb. Awesome Pictures.

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Yep, the thumb in mouth is a typical Hailey. Also, another typical Hailey shot is when she cries and takes a fit hysterically when you try and hand her over to someone she doesn't know or associate much with, man oh man it's terrible lol. I will post the kids Santa pics and you'll see what I mean, she's doing the typical hailey and screaming LOL. She didn't like the woman touching her to position her for pics etc, so thankfully instead of screaming, she sucked her thumb and as you can see NO smiles. She's so darn cute though when she does smile that I really wish she would have.

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Beautiful pics Kristina! We have a screaming santa pic with our Hailey from last year, I should post it, its hysterical!

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They all came out great. What a lovely family!!!