Favorite toy?

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Favorite toy?

What is your baby's favorite toy these days?

Mine loves strings and boxes (especially the wipes box), and is currently contentedly gnawing on a bottle/tubing/cone from my pump (I'm trying to keep her busy, since I'm pumping one side and don't need her assistance! :ROFL:)

Why did I ever buy toys? :biglaugh:

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CJ likes anything he can put in his mouth. He eyes any electronic device (my phone, iPad, laptop, remote) like it's the holy grail. He does like his Mortimer the Moose and Laugh and Learn Puppy though.

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Vanessa really likes the wipes. They are the only thing she will drag herself across the floor for.

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B and K likes whatever the other baby is playing with. They are constantly in a tug-of-war over toys which usually ends with K crying because B is stronger then her and always gets the toy. Also, B LOVES to take K soother out of her mouth and naw on the outer rim of it in front of her (also casuing her to cry). But generally they like the wipes bag because of the sound and anything rattle like. There is one toy that is a mini piano and it lights up and plays music and they both love that as well.

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paper! If he can get his hands on paper he's happy,until you take it away!
He loves his Sophie the giraffe, he also likes this vibrating teether I got him, it's a strawberry. Like CJ he loves Mortimer the Moose. He likes rattles too and his big brother's cars.

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Ronan has a fish rattle (that sounds weird, but you know what I mean) that he really loves. Until he gets it stuck on his foot, which he somehow always manages to do. He finds that very upsetting. But when it's not on his foot, it is definitely his favorite toy.

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Alice desperately wants my iPad. She also likes her Sophie giraffe, a rattle ball, flowers that light up and play music, and anything that crinkles.

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Selah loves Sophie the giraffe, Mortimor the nurse, her Lamaze butterfly (like Mortimor), and this monkey. Really, she's happy with anything that can go in her mouth and her FEET! She loves to lay on her back and hold onto her feet. She has too long of a body to get them in her mouth though, try as hard as she might.