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Tomorrow Andrew turns 10 months. Right now he is getting 6 to 7 bottles a day with 8oz of formula each. He absolutely refuses to eat anything off of a utensil. Finger foods are hit or miss. Sometimes he likes them, sometimes he just plays with them. Overall he consumes very little solid food and relies almost entirely on formula. I know that is ok now but I am looking ahead to when he turns a year and worried. When we transition to milk I can't imagine it will be good for him to drink 48 oz of a milk a day! Do you think I should cut back on formula now and he will eat more solid food if he is hungry? He weighs 24 lbs so I am not worried about him starving! How do you transition from formula/breastmilk being the primary nutrition to real food being the primary nutrition?

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Hummm.... Does he take purees at all? I think if you were to cut back on formula, he would probably be hungrier for real food. I "think" they only need about 32 oz. of milk right now at the most. What kind of finger foods is he offered? Do you try and feed him when you are eating? Selah eats a lot more if she is at the table with us and offered food at regular mealtimes during the day.

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I would start with replacing a bottle everyday with food. Either he eats or he doesn't but it won't hurt him to go without that bottle, even if he refuses the food at first. Just do that until he starts eating the food, and then after he gets used to that, replace another bottle with another "food" meal.

Shay takes 4 bottles a day 5 ounces 3 times a day and 6 ounces before bed. Then she usually gets fruit/cereal around lunch and then some kind of veggie around dinner time. Plus puffs/crunchies when I need her entertained for a bit.

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My oldest was like that and I am sorry to say she still is a bad eater. Have you tried giving him only the food he likes? I would throw those on his tray and let him play with it and get messy! Kyla is a big strawberry kid (a possible allergen so be careful if you haven't given them to him). If she is unsure of a food or texture, I throw in some strawberries with it and she usually cleans her tray. She is now primarily on table food and drinks 2 cups of 3% milk a day. The rest is water.

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CJ was like that for a few weeks. He was consuming about 48 oz. in formula/bm and he wouldn't eat much solids. I kept offering solids but I didn't deny him the bottle if he was hungry. Eventually he started eating the purees I was offering. Once he started I was able to cut him back to 32 oz. of formula/bm a day. I would just keep offering the solids, eventually he will take them.

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Brad did it this for about a month when I started introducing soilds. He would refuse most foods except for a select few and even them he didnt really want it. He would much later nurse then eat pur?e. But now that they are completely on table foods he is going crazy and eating so much. Maybe try skipping pur?e and going straight to finger foods.