Feeling "Leaky" (possible TMI)

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Feeling "Leaky" (possible TMI)

Ok, so for the past day or so i've felt really leaky all the time and I'm starting to get a bit worried :confused: I know that CM is normal during pregnancy but it seems to be happening all the flipping time. not to mention it feels like I'm having an anxiety attack today, everytime I get up and off the couch my heart starts racing and I feel like i can't breath. I don't know if I should call the dr or not. Last pregnancy I would have but now having worked in L&D I don't want to be one of "those" patients, but I don't want to have something be wrong. Arghhhhh Not to mention the Dr is almost an hour away and I have no one to watch DS. There is no way in heck I am going to our local hospital to get checked out and don't want to drive an hour to my hospital of choice to be told to gohome.

What would you guys do?

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Hmm. Not sure as to why you don't want to go to your local hospital, however if it were me and if it was really bothering me, I would definately suck up my views on it and go in anyways. Better to know it's nothing than to drive yourself insane not knowing kwim. And if the hospital of choice is an hour away, I agree to not want to travel 2 hours plus a however long wait in the hospital to be told it's nothing.

Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear, but I would definately just go into the local one anyways Smile KUP.

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I went to the local ER at 14 weeks for bleeding and they were HORRIBLE to me! Not to menton it just gives me the creeps, you know that feeling you get when you know that you won't trust anything they say/do.

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Can you just call ur doctors office and see what they say? Mine tells us to call w any questions.

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Worst case scenario, you don't want to be one of "those" patients that waited too long. I'd at least call.

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I'd call. They can give you some guidance about how worried to be, kwim? That's what they're JOB is. I wouldnt necessarily head up to L&D without calling first, but if they TELL you to go, then you're following Dr instructions, not being one of "those" patients.

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I would give the doctor a call.

I have little gushes of CM quite frequently and they freaked me out at first but I'm getting better with them. As for the heart racing thing, palpitations are common in pregnancy but it's probably better to mention it to your doctor just in case.

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Well, after following the blog of a lady who is about 2-3 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy and has amniotic fluid constantly leaking- I'd say go and have it checked out. Yes, you don't want to be one of 'those women' who goes for nothing 24-7, but is this nothing? No. It's better to have it checked and go about your day!

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thanks gals, i finally heard back from the NP and I feel better. she isn't worried about my "leaky feeling" yet. i'm supposed to wear a pantyliner to see if the fluid is actually clear or not. if it is clear then i get to go to L&D to get checked and if not then I'm ok to not go in. she said that the shortness of breath etc could very will be normal and that if it doesn't stop soon or at least start to get better then I have to come in for an appointment.

And Prudence i'm totally with you on that one. I know of a girl that had fetal demise because of leaking amniotic fluid and I think thats why I'm overly paranoid about it.

Oh and i forgot to add that my mom is an L&D nurse and is bringing me home some of the amniotic test strips they use to check for presence of amniotic fluid just to make me feel better!

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Glad that your mom is helping a bit by bringing in the strips, that will let you know for sure if it's amnio or not. Another way to tell if it's amnio fluid is if you touch it and smell it - gross sounding I know but if it has no odor then it could be that. I had that with Heather - always feeling wet and leaky and it wasn't mucus, till I sat on the bed and left wet spots, so I sniffed it and nothing. Went in and sure enough, it was fluid. Granted, I was at the due date so wasn't anything to worry about. Hopefully it's nothing major for you! KUP on everything!

Oh, and sorry that they were terrible to you when you went in for bleeding. I couldn't imagine being freaked out and upset and getting treated terribly. I would have filed a complaint.

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Good call on the amnio strips. Hopefully it will give you a better answer either way. I know that driving an hour each way is a pain, but if you are still worried definitely go in. You are not a bother, thats why they are there!

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good idea on the strips and i agree with the ladies that is what they are there for, your not being one of those patients.. hope it is nothing kup.