Felt the baby

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Felt the baby

Baby has been moving like crazy today. I woke up to lots of kicks. After seeing that one spot was consistent, I laid my hand there. I got a couple of good kicks to the hand. I put DH's hand there and the kicking stopped. LOL! So, for the past couple of hours, I have had nothing but movement. It's so awesome!

Oh, we picked up the changing table, dresser, and matress today. Still waiting on the bed to be here though!

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awesome! I've felt the baby kick for a few weeks now, he's def. getting stronger, at first I thought I was delusional but nope, now im sure it was baby lol

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So exciting! My husband hasn't been able to feel it yet either. I feel the little guy a few times a day every day now, but it's not strong enough to feel by putting your hand on my belly yet. He is definitely more laid back than his sister! When I was this far along with DD, she moved non-stop and when she kicked you could see it! Lol!

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What a great, productive day!

Any pics or links to what you got?

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Yay for getting your furniture! That's awesome that you've been feeling all those kicks. I'm surprised to be feeling baby move so early this time, but very thankful. I can't wait until Chris and Brandon get to feel baby moving too.

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yay! how exciting! the best

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Yay for baby movement!

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YAy for movement and the furniture! Exciting weekend!