Fifth disease

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Fifth disease

So it looks like we have been hit with fifth disease. DD1 woke yesterday with a red rash on her cheeks, one side worse then the other. It was a little itchy but she was doing well with not touching it. And then when tucking her in I notice it had spread to her chest. And then this morning notice more on her leg. After researching I'm positive it's fifth. We have a doctors appt so we'll know better then. I'm worried about the babies. Neither have a rash any where yet and I was told that once the rash appears they are no longer infectious so I'm hoping it's passed the babes (fingers crossed).

Anyone else dealt/dealing with fifth disease? Sad

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My kids haven't gotten it (that I'm aware of, anyway... I don't think I would have missed it). I had it as an adult, shortly before getting pregnant with DD. It was miserable. I could be wrong, but I believe that it's better to get it as a child than as an adult- I think it's milder that way. I hope your little one feels better and that the babies don't get it!