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We finally cleared out the rest of the junk in the spare room/ soon to be dd's room on Friday and painted the walls Saturday. Last night I painted most of the trim, I'll have to finish it up tonight. I'm hoping that I don't have to stay up til midnight to do it like the last two nights. I'm pretty tired today.

We painted it a basic white b/c we decided we are going to decorate with Disney posters. Dh was given two, one is from Disney World's 25th anniversary and is of the castle, the other is of Bambi and looks to be very old, more near his brothers' ages, maybe around 40 years. They were kept rolled up in perfect condition so they (along with any other poster we get) will be framed.

Hopefully the room will be completely finished (with a big girl bed and everything!) by this weekend so we can move dd and start working on the nursery.

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Isn't it the best feeling when you feel like you are accomplishing things?! Not that I know because I have yet to do anything! LOL
So glad that you are getting things headed in the right direction! Biggrin

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So exciting! It feels great to make progress on stuff, doesn't it? I've been slowly gathering things for DD's big girl room, so when we finally get it painted, everything will be ready to go. Hopefully things will start moving along... I'm getting impatient!

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That's awesome! I finally got some motivation yesterday but I started having BH and had to take it easy. I could get alot more done if I would remember to bring home my boxes from work. I can't wait until I can feel some accomplishment like that!

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How exciting...we've been making some progress on the nursery too and it's a great feeling.