Finally getting my baby shower (vent)

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Finally getting my baby shower (vent)

So Evie will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. I can't believe it.

As most of you remembered, I wasn't going to have a baby shower before baby came because we were team green and I'm picky and didn't want a bunch of useless gender neutral stuff, especially on the off chance that I was getting my baby girl (which, obviously, I did). So I told my birthing coach's mom (a lady at our church who puts these things together and had done my only other baby showers) that she had to wait and that I wanted an "after baby shower".

So today, she and the pastor's wife ask me when would be good to do it. They wanted to know if the first weekend in October is good. I honestly said no, cause we are going to Montana the 28th and will be there for 10 days and I need stuff before then and I've only be buying bare minimum and necessities cause I know some ladies are going to go crazy cause I got my girl.

So then, pretty much, the only option is to do it on a Thursday night. I can do a Thursday night and I'm pretty sure my mom can... so they made the announcement that it's going to happen the 22nd at 6:30 in the evening. Then when I was leaving church I realized that this means that DH's mom and gramma's can't come. Sad Oh yeah, and there is that friend from up north that wanted to come down and wouldn't be able to do so.


So it looks like I will have two showers. One from the church before we leave for Montana to visit FIL, and then one when we get back on a more desirable day for the out of towners.

But now I've hit another snag. Saturday is pretty much out because my mom and DH's mom both work on Saturdays. We could do a Sunday around 1:30 or so, but then it makes it VERY difficult for my friend from up north (5 hour trip).

I'm gonna talk to my mom and MIL about it some more and figure it out.

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Yay for baby showers... even if they are a little inconvenient to plan to fit everyone in. I see no problem with having two, especially since you got your girl!!! Smile

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Yeah, I told my mom... there's no sense in stressing out over this, I'll just have two and we'll have fun. Smile

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Besides, the church gals like to do all the silly (and gross) games, like guess the baby food flavor and the melted candy in a diaper game, the don't say baby game, etc. So we just won't do those things at the second get together and then if someone has a distaste for such games, then they can plan on coming to the other one. Smile

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Doesn't sound like a bad problem to me WinkBiggrin

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That's a great problem to have. I can't wait to see all the pink stuff you are going to get!!

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Sounds like fun. I think we are going to host a "welcome to the world" party for our friends. We have been wanting to get together with everyone now that we have a lawn. I didn't want to have one before the baby comes either.

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My family all lives on the opposite side of the state so we always have to have two of everything so I don't think it will be a problem. Hopefully you can find a date that works for everyone.

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And we are back to venting! :angry5:

My mom is back to making me REALLY mad. She was gonna help me with the second party and it was going to be at her new church building (yeah, she's a "pastor" and started her own Messianic Fellowship)... but now she's back to being "unavailable" because of religious holidays and her being out of town.

Don't get me wrong. I understand that religion is important (my husband and I are faithful Christians) and that her beliefs are important to her, but dang it! She's done this to me my whole life and now she's been so much less able to follow through on her promises because of various whatnots with her church.

If she'd have just told me up front that there are certain Jewish Holidays she's celebrating in October (No offense, I'm just not as educated in the Jewish faith to know that they are there)....... ARGH!

So I'm gonna tell her that I'm just gonna do it on the day I tentatively planned to do it and I will just reserve a few tables at a local pizza place and she can just come to the one my church is throwing for me.

I'm gonna ask my sister and one of my friends who's recently been burned by her parents to help me decorate. It'll be informal and fun and mom can just eat it. I'm NOT going to wait until Evie is 3 months old to have her shower! As it is I already have to wait until she's over 6 weeks to do it at all (besides the church one). I have to know what I NEED and not knowing what (if anything) I'm getting from friends and family as gifts..... :angry5:

Okay. Taking a deep breath and walking away from it for now.

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Sorry about your mom and all the stress! Hopefully things will all work out!