First smile? (pic)

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First smile? (pic)

So I was taking a few pics of baby girl the other day and talking to her and I got this half grin 3 or 4 times. Think I can officially call it her first smile? She's done it a couple of times every day since then.

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Their smiles are so adorable. Thalia gives us many. I've already decided, gas or not gas smile I still love seeing them.

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Thats awesome. I would definiately call it a smile. We can get the same grin out of Kaylee, just waiting on Brad!

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I love baby smiles! That picture is too cute!

We've been getting gassy grins since day one, but I swear she actually smiled at me today (4 weeks old). So of course I spent the rest of the day making ridiculous faces at her trying to get a repeat performance!

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I think Evie smiled at me two days ago... but she had a binky in her mouth and was laying on her side in front of me so I couldn't really tell and it was so fast. She's been smiling in her sleep since day one, so I know she can do it. Wink