Flu shot... WWYD?

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Flu shot... WWYD?

So, our pediatrician recommended that I give DS (4 1/2) and DD1 (2 1/2) flu shots because we have the baby in the house. The other ped I saw for Selah's first appt. recommended DH and I get them as well. DH has always gotten them being military, but wasn't going to this year since he's now civillian. I have never gotten a flu shot. DS and DD1 have only gotten it once and then we decided to not get them. I cannot ever remember having the flu and my littles haven't ever had it yet. They stay home with me and are only around other kids at church in Sunday School and for story time at the library. So, would you give them flu shots? I'm on the fence, because I would hate for Selah to get the flu, but I also am hesitant because it's one of those shots I just don't trust and I know there are different strains of flu and it doesn't cover all of them. If it were you, what would you do?

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If we had other lo's I think we'd give it to them. Especially if they go out of the house for school or daycare. We haven't gotten it for ourselves as of yet. Still not sure if we wil.

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The ped rec'd it for dd1 as well, and I'm in your boat too. But I have another complication - dd1 is allergic to eggs so for her to get the flu shot we would have to go to her allergist to get it and that is a big hassle. I didn't get it when pregnant with dd1, and she's never had the shot herself. I don't think I'll start now.

The one thing I HATE that they tell people that is a total lie is that so many people die from the flu each year. People don't die from the flu - they die from complications of the flu. I see that as totally different.

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I would get it for everyone. I've never gotten the flu but just wouldn't want to risk it with such a tiny baby in the house.

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Well, I get the flu shot every year, so this year definitely won't be any different. The last time I didn't get the flu shot was when DD1 was a baby and I was on the couch barely able to take care of myself let alone her for a week...with 4 now I just can't do that. My saving grace was that she was still immobile that year, thankfully she didn't get it. So this year I'll definitely get it, as will all my kids (DD1 and DS1 both get wheezing whenever they are sick at all), and when we have a newborn in the house I ask that my dh get it too. He normally doesn't. Especially now, DS1 was hospitalized with RSV. That really isn't preventable (why it's so important you keep baby away from people who appear to have a cold because that's all it shows up as in kids/adults) but the flu is.

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Yes we will all be getting the flu vaccine. Dh and I have already and the kids are next on the list and honestly all my family has been told that if they would like to be around the babies this winter then they have to get it as well. I dont want to risk it!

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We all (kids included) get ours every year.

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Dd1 and igot ours yesterday,DH will get his soon!

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No one in our house will get it. DH and I don't react well to it. The only times I've gotten the flu have been when I've gotten the shot, usually within a few days of getting the shot. We seem to be better off just taking our chances.

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I get mine every year because I work with babies. DS got his last year and will be getting his again this year. DH normally doesn't get one but he is going in for flu and TDaP this year, he works as a mechanic for a company that uses a lot of migrant workers and they are ALWAYS really sick so i'm making it mandatory. As for inlaws and family I have asked that they all get it because the all work in retail jobs but I'm not making it a requirement.....I just wont go over as often if they decide not to.

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Brandon has suspected asthma (they don't want to diagnose this early) and it flares up every time he gets a cold or other respiratory infection or virus, so we always get the flu shot. Brandon is getting his today and Chris and I will be getting ours soon. I don't want to take any chances between Brandon and the baby. I also got my Pertussis shot while in the hospital as well and Chris will be getting that one as well.

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we all got ours in August/september. I got mine 4 days before I had Cassandra.

Since I work around the flu all winter, it is NOT an optional vaccination for me, and Im NOT risking it with an infant under 6 months, especially with H1N1 still making the rounds.

Influenza DOES kill. A lot. Yes, people die from the complications like pneumonia, but they wouldnt have GOTTEN pneumonia if they hadnt gotten the flu first.

I think in this age of excellent medicine, we simply dont live the reality that prompted the development of the vaccines in the first place. the 1918 flu killed millions. Even in the 1800s, having a child survive to adulthood was an achievement - because simple illnesses like measles, pertussis, diptheria, and infections with vaccine targeted organisms like haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib) and streptococcus pneumoniae (prevnar) etc could and DID kill. Frequently.

I'd do it.

Keep in mind, though, Im rather biased towards vaccines, however crunchy granola i am in other respects. I've SEEN kids die of Hib. I've SEEN kids die of flu. I've taken care of the aftermath of the horror stories. I vaccinate on schedule.


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the way to protect baby is to protect everyone in the house. i would do it. we have since dd1 was bor. she had it a couple weeks ago. dh and i still need to

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I would not, but that's because we don't vaccinate at all.

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I have already gotten mine since I work in the hospital. DS1 will get his at a flu clinic provided by his school. He will actually get the nasal mist. Maybe you could ask about that instead of a shot for the LOs. DH doesn't like needles so he won't get one. I think it's a good idea to have one though.

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"heatherliz2002" wrote:

No one in our house will get it. DH and I don't react well to it. The only times I've gotten the flu have been when I've gotten the shot, usually within a few days of getting the shot. We seem to be better off just taking our chances.

This is DH and I 100%.... but when DS#2 was 6 weeks old, DS#1 and I got the flu. Type B. I thought i was gonna die. Temp of 103 for 5 days. I couldn't sit up long enough to pump milk for DS#2 but I did what I could so he'd have the antibodies. DH took the week off work so I could quarantine myself. I almost boiled the baby at first cause i was laying with him right next to me. When DH insisted he take him away from me, the baby was a limp noodle and wasn't waking up well. DH almost took him to the ER. this was just my over heating him. He didn't have the flu himself, yet.

This year DH and I both got vaccinated in hopes to avoid a repeat. The boys will get it too... I need to get on that.....