Follow-up u/s today

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Follow-up u/s today

So I went today for my follow-up u/s this morning. I was a little nervous that he was in the same position on my bladder since I've been feeling him there and he was...but we got him to move enough for them to get a good look. He is absolutely perfect, which was soooo awesome to hear. He also had hiccups really bad. Brandon had hiccups all the time when I was pg and I was wondering if this baby would too and I guess so. It was so cute to see on the u/s though. They also got some 3D shots of his face. The pictures we got don't do it justice but I can't believe how clear the image of his face was...he looks a lot like Brandon. When I saw the image of his face on the screen I burst into tears, lol.

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Awww, cute little man! I love the 3D ones.

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What a cutie!!!!! So happy things are great!

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How sweet! So glad you got to see such clear views of your little man!

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SO happy that everything is perfect with your lil fella!

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Glad he is perfect! Pics are great! TFS!!

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So glad it went so well!

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Oh wow! Awesome! I'm so happy to hear he's perfect. Great pictures. I can't help but get emotional too when I see my LO.

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Awe I love th 3d pics Smile glad to here lil man is looking good!

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So happy for you...I love 3d pics they member cease to amaze me