Follow up ultrasound yesterday

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Follow up ultrasound yesterday

It went really well, I didn't find out the gender which I think dh was hoping for. The tech this time was great, she gave me a lot more pics than the one last time and she even did a 4d pic! It isn't the best b/c baby's hand is in front of the face but still so cute. The heart looks good, placenta looks good. He said the bleeding probably is from my cervix and is not a major concern.



And the 4d pic

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glad everything looks good! Smile

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glad it went will. thanks for sharing the pics. cute! Smile

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Glad things went well. The profile pic is really cute.

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Yeah glad all is are cute

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Glad things are looking well and thanks for sharing the pics. I love the profile shot!

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Glad it went well! Great pics!

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Sounds wonderful! Great pics!!!

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Wow, great pictures! TFS!!

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Glad everything looks good Smile

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I am glad everything went well and the bleeding is no concern!