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Following suite...


I'm here. I lurk. I get on once every few days. I don't get my email notifications when someone posts on a thread I've posted on. Well, I do get the occasional random notification. Not sure what's up with that. I should email Missy or something. It's been going on for about 6 months (or more) and I was hoping it would fix itself after the change over, but it hasn't.

Anyway, Evie is doing well.I tried to reintroduce dairy into my diet and it seemed to make no impact on her. Yahoo However, my body couldn't handle it and I was out of commission for 3 days. Lost 5lbs inside 4 hours due to frequent bathroom trips and then took 2 days to recover from the sudden loss of fluids and weight. Thank God for Immodium. Sad

Evie can roll from her back to her front (but she only goes one way). She is standing (with me holder her under the arms) for a minute or so at a time. She has begun to reach and grab for things. She's teething, drooling all over the place! I'm changing her outfits 2 or three times each day to avoid neck chaffing from the constant wetness. Must go buy bibs!!!!!

She's been experimenting with the upper registers in her voice (squealing and whatnot) and boy can she get it up there!

Still eating every 2-3 hours around the clock. 2 weeks ago she was a little over 11 lbs. Petite, but right in line with her last check up. Her 4 month check up is coming up in the first week if January and I can't wait to hear what the doc says on where she is. I have a hard time not worrying cause she's so much smaller than her brothers were at this age. Lol

Gotta dash. She just filled her pants.

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Glad things are going good for you guys. Carter is going crazy with the squealing too. It's very amusing to me.
Sorry about the dairy. That stinks! Hope you can ease yourself back into it.

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glad to here things r going well yay that u can have dairy in ur diet again sorry how ur body reacted to the dairy. hope u feel better soon.

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Glad things are going well (with the exception of the dairy situation). Ronan is teething too- out of control drool and trying to gnaw his hands off! Don't worry about Evie being smaller than her brothers- girls are usually smaller than boys at this age.