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So really I have not been all the hungry. I will say that I have been very lucky that i really have not had much MS at all, but I just haven't had a big appetite. Well in the past few days I have been quite hungry although I am trying to manage the hunger. Well last night we ordered pizza and wings @ my Moms for dinner. was SO good! Now I have always LOVED pizza, but last night I swear I could have eaten the entire thing, but I controlled myself and only had 2 peices and 5 wings. Are you ladies finding that you are having moments of HUNGER? When this happens what have you craved?

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I haven't craved anything at all in particular. I do have days when I am starving and other days when I hardly want to eat. There was one day I ate my packed lunch and bought one at the other day I only ate dinner, besides munching on some cheerios here and there. I think its normal.

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My morning sickness is starting to change. Now I get nauseous if I haven't eaten in a while. So I am starting to eat smaller meals more frequently.

My cravings change. Right now I'm loving avocados, dairy (especially cottage cheese and sour cream), nuts, and tart desserts. I am also starting to crave fruits (more sour fruits like citrus and berries) and veggies. I was craving beef a lot but not anymore. I'm still craving Mexican food though. Pastas and baked potatoes also sit well. I can't really handle fast food or anything too greasy which is good because I've gained almost as much as I did with Brandon in the first trimester and I'm sure it would be a lot more if I was craving that stuff.

I just try to eat whatever sounds good at the time, which has been working well. I am finding I am getting full faster which I think is due to my reflux and the baby taking up space.

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Wow, I must say good for you in controlling your hunger and the amount of pizza you ate!

I am finding that I am always wanting dairy (cheese, yogurt) and anything spicy or mexican (salsa, chips, quesadillas, etc)

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I've been craving burgers like crazy lately. Not necessarily fast food greasy ones- I usually make them at home so they're healthier.

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mine comes in waves, I have days where I seriously could eat piles (but only certain things) and other days when everything is unappealing. Sugar is usually my consisitent, sugar is always good, and grease is always bad-so that balances out right?

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I seem to be hungry all the time, like pp my m/s has changed so that I start feeling nauseous when I let myself get too hungry so I have to try to eat small meals more frequently. That said, I have had several times where I've been HUNGRY - but I find that I still can't eat that much all at once even then.

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I've been craving sushi & pickles! Such a horrible mix LOL

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"Chimmy" wrote:

I've been craving sushi & pickles! Such a horrible mix LOL

Ah Chimmy, i had FINALLY got over my craving for sushi LOL...i may just have to break the dr. orders Wink

I had no MS either, early on i did feel nauseous if i got too hungary. that passed around 10 weeks or so. now i am hungary but want nothing. food is very bland. i can taste sugar though! i am craving root beer, eggplant and zucchini. but i am horrible at making the last 2 Sad anyone have any really good recipes for them?

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Oh I have the BEST zucchini bread recipe, but that's not really healthy. I'll have to look for the recipe

I get strong cravings but it seems once I eat that food than I don't really crave that food anymore. It's been chinese food, crab rangoons, mashed potatoes and gravy, mint chocolate chip ice cream, watermelon, apples, enchaladas, roast.....just a wide variety Lol

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I have been craving crap basically! Chips, pop, sour candy etc.

I also want sushi all the time and carbs. I also want coffee like there is no tomorrow!