Food making

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Food making

I have a couple questions-

what's better fresh or frozen? Or is there even a difference?

And what veggies/fruit to you get the most food out of?

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I think it's always better to use fresh, but as long as there is nothing extra added, frozen work just as well. I found that I really liked having frozen fruit on hand during the months where the fruit was not as widely available and I also liked keeping frozen veggies on hand just in case I didn't have any fresh.

I think that veggies yield the most food, especially sweet potatoes and squash. I always needed a lot more fruit to get a nice-sized batch. Bananas and avocados yield a good amount of food too.

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Fresh and frozen are pretty much the same because the frozen foods are flash frozen when they are at their peak freshness/ripeness. Depending on how far the foods have to be shipped, frozen can sometimes be fresher than "fresh" foods. I buy fresh produce when it's in season, frozen when it's not.