Gaining weight! Woo hoo!

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Gaining weight! Woo hoo!

My hospital has a breastfeeding support group weekly, and I went today. They have lactation consultants there to answer questions, a scale to weigh in, and a chance to meet other breastfeeding moms.

The LC was great! Sat down with me, listened to my concerns, offered helpful advice, etc.

One concern I have is that Eleanor has a slight tongue tie. She seems to be doing ok despite it, but I wanted to make sure she was gaining weight appropriately. (And I had the LC check her latch, too.)

Birth- 7lbs 13oz
Discharge- 7lbs 6oz
5 days- 7lbs 11oz
14 days- 8lbs 6oz (+11oz in 9 days- good!)
18 days- 8lbs 15oz (+9oz in 4 days- wow!) Yahoo

No wonder she looks like she's starting to fill out a little!

I will probably go back for a weight check next week, but I am feeling a lot better about our decision not to clip her tongue.

LC also said looks like my supply is good, which sometimes means the baby gets lazy, since they don't have to work as hard to get the milk out. She said her weight might plateau/dip around 2 months, when my supply regulates, but to feel free to bring her back in if there was a concern and they'd help me out.

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Awesome weight gain! Sounds like she's doing just fine, tongue tie and all. Its nice to get some peace of mind that everything is going the way it should.

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That's great that she is gaining so well despite the tongue tie. I'm a little anxious to see what Selah weighs at her two week appt. on Thursday. Grow babies grow!

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Yahoo wow!! Congratulations, that's awesome news

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That's awesome!

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Great news!