Gave In & Went In....

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Gave In & Went In....

So, since yesterday I've been bombarded with contractions, and lots of them. I had a hellish time sleeping just because I was so uncomfy, and baby girl decided she was gonna flip around and lay sideways, I know because her hiccups were on the side as opposed to downward, and she was kicking the crap outta my right side lol.

Anyways, hubby had come home briefly this morning and said, if they still continue after an hour to call him, he'll come home and I can go in. Well, I waited 2 hours and they started coming a bit stronger. I decided that I would just go into our local hospital, they can't deliver or anything, but I thought surely they could give me a NST and check me out. Worst case is they tell me to travel the 45 mins, which hubby and I were ok with.

So, I get into Triage and the nurse was a complete b*tch! She was like well why'd you come here for you should be going to Liseard and seeing your OB. I said, well I know for a fact right now they're swamped with deliveries etc, and chances of me getting into a room to be monitored etc are slim *they have 2 delivery rooms*, so I figured I'd come here, because I've heard of other's coming in to be checked etc. So she said, well I'll get you checked in, but then I'll call up and see if we have an OB nurse around, and call your delivering OB and see what he wants to do. So I said, well rather than do all this, can you just call up and see, because I won't sit around here if I'm gonna only get told to go there, kwim. So anyways, she continued being rude and snotty, not muchly carring to listen to me etc, and the look on her face was enough to say, Hi, I'm your Triage B*tch today, what the fck do you want me to do for you?

So now, I register and sit, I hear convo's of people being there for at LEAST 2 hours because emergencies have come in etc, so I think, great, I'm gonna be here forever. Well, I felt bad for everyone because after about half an hour of waiting, I got called in. The oncall Dr came in, and checked me out. Listened to her heartbeat and it was down at 145, still good, and she's still active, so I wasn't concerned about her in that sense. Then I mentioned I feel like I'm "trickling" and not sure what it is. I explain I've done the sniff test and it's NOT pee, and that I experienced something like it when I was at my due date with Heather, and it was in fact my water that had broke. So, he did the swab test and thankfully i'm NOT leaking amnio fluid. He said it's just discharge that I'm feeling. Then, he did a cervical check, said he "thinks" I'm still pretty closed up. Uh... you freakin THINK!? Hello. I could be dialating and you only THINK I'm closed? I do NOT want to have this baby early and have to deliver 2 1/2 hours away. He was a friendly/polite Dr, said don't really hesitate to go up if I've got a few concerns, but of course, I should go see my OB :blahblah:. Well, from now on if I have concerns/worrys, screw it, I'm going to take the 45 min drive to the delivering hospital and get checked there. At least they're friendly, my delivering dr is great, and I don't feel that I'll havve to deal with rude, snobby b*tches as nurses!!! Argh.

It's now 10:18pm and I'm STILL freakin contracting. Some are strong, some are alright. Dunno what to think. I've rested on my left side, have had plenty to drink... I even had one of hubbys Gatorades. I guess it's just a bad bout of BH's :shrug:. My next prenatal appt is next Friday morning, so I'll be mentioning it then. Oh, and reason for me to go in is because they started YESTERDAY morning, but chalked it up to BH's since there wasn't a full pattern etc to them, but they didn't go away with sleep last night, so I just wanted to be sure. Not too happy with how I was treated, so they don't need to worry about me, I refuse to go back, even for something simple.

Baby girl just really needs to stay put another 2 1/2 weeks. I'm sure she will, but with 2 full days of contracting, I'm a bit uneasy about this. I've been doing as told - no lifting the girls, not doing housework etc. I've had naps every day, and for the most part, sat back and relaxed. And after our trip to the science center last Saturday, that's too much too close together, kwim?

We're now pretty much in August, only a few weeks and we're going to start seeing some babies arrive. It's insane just how close some of you ladies are, and that our twins on the board have been behaving, and our singletons have been impatient and misbehaving lol. Babies and bodies can be amusing..... sometimes.

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That's too exciting for me! Sorry about that bi+ch nurse. I would have complained about her. Prayers that she stays put and those contractions get under control

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Sorry that the nurse was such a b*tch. Hope ur contractions stop and lil girl bakes longer.

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Kristina, did they do anything? Put you on monitors to actually check for ctx? In previous pregnancies when I went in for similiar issues I was given a shot to help stop the ctx! I'm tellin ya I would be calling and complaining... this is the your health and your babies! I should be going to the closest hospital and if they feel like you need to be transfered then they should do it! I'm sorry, but I am pi$$ed off for you! I hope you are feeling better today!

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Nope, no monitors or anything. I'm begining to think they don't even have them anymore or something. Though I'm kinda glad in a way they didn't because they'd probably say I was making it up or something with how I was treated by the nurse. My delivering Dr said if I felt I had to go in, he'd hook me up to monitors for 4 or 5 hours and see what was going on and go from there.

I get they're not set up for babies anymore at our hospital due to no dr around who can deliver, but there's no need to be rude and snotty about it. I simply did what I thought might be best based on the info I had about alot of women being in having theirs. I only know that because a friend of mine was told to wait to go back in to be induced because a few more went in, in labour. so if she can't be in due to no room etc, then why would I waste my time?

Oh well. I didn't sleep well again last night, had a few contractions that I'm aware of, but the heartburn is sooooooo bad I can't sleep!

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Sheesh. I hope your baby settles down and stays put longer!!

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Gosh, that is an awful experience! I would never want to go back to that hospital!

I finally figured out a way to position my pillows to help with heartburn. I have two flat pillows at the bottom, one that is about under the small of my back. Then I have a fluffy pillow on top of the back pillow, and then I have my regular pillow up top. I have my body pillow for between my legs and one of dd's small pillows to lay my face on. That way there is an incline but it isn't so steep my head is lolling to the side. That's a lot of pillows, though!

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that really sucks about the crappy nurse and doc!! and sorry your having BH, that cant be comfy. I've been having shooting pains in my hooha and random killer charlie horses. blech! lol

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Sorry about the contractions, if they keep up you should definitely get ahold of your ob and maybe head to the other hospital.

I'm excited to start seeing babies arrive but I hope our next (and all the rest after them!) arrivals are full term!