GD blood test results

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GD blood test results

had the GD test monday. called today to get the results and i failed!! my number was 150 and she said anything over 135 is considered elevated. (i failed the one hr when prego with DD as well then passed the 3hr).so i made the appt for friday to go back for the 3hr. that was this morning. then later early evening they called me back to make sure i was told something else. ...

also in my results my platelets were a smidge low. they want 40+ any my number was 36. so not alarming, but low. so i get to have blood drawn again in a month to recheck the number. the concern with the low platelets is bleeding and clotting during labor.

i updated my thread earlier with the GD but since i have new info i figured i'd make a new thread

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So sorry about the glucose test! I also had to take the 3 hour test with my first pregnancy. SO not fun!!! I hope it goes well and that you pass it without a problem. I hope your platelets come back up too. It sounds like you have plenty of time for that to straighten itself out if the concern is for labor/delivery. Good luck with the 3 hour test!

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Sorry about your gd test. Good luck on your 3 hour test .

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Sorry you failed the glucose test. Hopefully the 3-hr test will go well.

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That stinks about the test but hopefully the 3 hour one will be ok. Your pretty close on the platelets so hopefully that can come back up in the next few weeks. Did they tell you anything to do to help that situation?

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Hoping you pass the 3 hr. test.

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Sorry about the low platelettes and the failed . Hope the 3h goes much better and your platelettes pick up next test!

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I hope that you pass the 3hr! Good luck!!!

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Sorry about the GD test. Hope you pass the 3 hr and that your platelets come up.

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Sorry you have to take the 3 hour test, and hopefully your platelets come back up, did they say why they could be low?

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I am sorry you failed, here's to hoping the 3 hour is better!

How do they treat low platelets if there is a concern next month?

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They said platelets can be low from dehydration. They didn't really tell me to do anything special between now and next month. Not really sure on treatment either. I guess I'll find all that out next month is need be.

Dr google told me that eating lots of berries can help platelets. I will keep you posted