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GD Test Question

SO I have my 1 hour GD test coming up on the 27th.

Question is: What can I expect from this test? Also, I'll be going in at about 6:00pm. Do I have to fast before the test?


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With the 1 hour GTT they dont require you to fast before it, but I wouldn't go carb/sugar crazy before the test.

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You don't have to fast, but I would suggest that keep your carbs/sugars low and protein high. The protein will help you break down the sugars. They have you drink a glucose drink (I personally think it's kind of gross, but it's really not that bad... usually orange flavored, like flat orange soda). An hour after you drink it they'll draw your blood, and that's it. So bring a book or something with you ;-).

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I did have to fast for my 1 hr test when I was pg with my daughter, but not this time. Did your doctor give you a paper on it?

This time they just told me to avoid sweets (cookies, candy, orange juice, etc) that day.

Ditto the rest of what Heather said.

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I've never had to fast or any dietary restrictions the three times I've had the test done. They didn't give me any instructions at my last appt. either for my upcoming GD test. If they didn't tell you to do anything special then I would assume you don't need to fast. Just avoid a lot of carbs and sugar, like Heather said. Good luck.

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I had mine today. I got to take the drink home at my last appointment so I just had to drink it @ an hour before my appointment. It needs to be drank up within 5 to 8 minutes. As far as food restrictions, mine was at 4 pm so I was told I could eat wheat bread w butter and water of course, but no pasta, fruit, sugar etc.. they asked me what time I finished the drink and they took my blood and that was it. Doc said they also check for other things such as anemia as well with the blood. Not bad at all. I will say that I did get a little shakey for about 10 minutes after drinking it but it didn't last long.