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Gerber Puffs

Does anyone give their baby gerber puffs? What age do you think they are ready? Andrews been eating solid food for a little over 2 months now. I want to try the puffs for fun but I am nervous.

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does he have teeth? does he "chew" the food he already eats? They do, for the most part, melt in your mouth.. but they are a recommended "crawlers & toddlers" according to Gerber's stages of development suggestions. I think I started giving DS#2 them when he was about 10 months old.

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I was the same as Janelle I started DD1 on them around 10 months. She had a few teeth was really chewing and interested in finger foods.

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With Brandon I can't remember the exact time we introduced puffs but I want to say around 8 months or so. We introduced cheerios at 9 months (I remember because he was, and still is, absolutely in love with them). He was crawling by then and had about five teeth I think.

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I think they are still too young for the puffs. The absolute earliest I've done that kind of thing was seven-eight-ish months. I'm pretty sure my pediatrcian said Pincher grasp is a good indicator of being ready for finger foods. So if you put them on his high chair and he can pick them up and get him to his mouth by himself he's okay to have them. Definitely don't leave them unsupervised while eating them though.

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What about trying Mum Mum crackers?