Getting out of the house!

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Getting out of the house!

We have been very hestitant about taking Andrew places because he can be super fussy and can explode without much notice! We have only taken him to one restaurant for a short time. Lately, his fussiness is starting to decline and he is so nosey and observant I want to take him places to see new things. It is hard because it is cold here (40 degrees, so not freezing cold, but cold). Where have you taken your LO that they enjoyed? Any ideas for any winter activities outside of the home for a baby with the possibility to explode at any moment? hah

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I haven't gone anywhere specifically for Isaiah but he enjoys pretty much anywhere we do go. Dance, girl scouts, swimming, the library story time for big brother, even just shopping. He's starting to really like seeing all the different places and far as possible meltdowns, I think you just have to take your chances Smile babies cry and you can always pack up and leave if he won't stop . Most people are pretty understanding as long as you aren't ust leaving baby scream

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We don't go out a whole ton just yet... Mostly because I'm trying to avoid winter germs in public places. We go to the library once a week for the big kids and church on Sunday and Tuesday mornings. We also go out shopping... but, that's about it. I think they enjoy just being out and about to see new things.

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If you don't feel comfortable walking outside (which they usually like as long as it isn't windy), you could try walking in a mall. My kids always like the lights Smile Since you aren't really there for a real reason, you can just leave at anytime. DD2 also likes the grocery store. i go to a mom's groups when DD1 is at preschool and I do a baby and me pilates dvd which she really likes.

He is fussy at home but how is he out? DD2 is way more tolerant when we are out, especially if I can hold her.

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Since I am a SAHM and Chris works crazy hours I have no choice but to take him with me when I run errands, plus I have an energetic 4-year old who can't stand being locked up in the house for too long. I haven't really taken him anywhere for his enjoyment but he seems to enjoy getting out of the house...he loves to look around at things. Since it's cold there you could try the mall or anywhere where you can walk around indoors. If you have any children's museums around you, that might work as well. Ours has a nice play area that I take Brandon to during the winter. When it gets a bit warmer I'm going to try and join a mom's group. At this age CJ seems so happy just to get out that I don't think it matters where we go. Target is an exciting outing for him, lol.

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Kesler is fussy but I am home with the kids so kesler comes with me to appts for sky and to run errands but I have yet to try and take him to a resturant.