Getting an ultrasound

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Getting an ultrasound

The PP bleeding was gone after the medicine I took but came back Saturday, yesterday and today. I've also had cramping Sunday through today. I talked to the midwife and she wanted me to come in tomorrow but dh has a dentist appt. So I'll go in next Tuesday. As long as I don't have a fever it'll be ok. I'm super nervous about it b/c if they find something in there I know it means a d&c. I don't have any milk pumped so I need to get on that this week just in case.

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Hopefully it's nothing serious. Could it be AF? I think I may have gotten mine back already and it was very heavy with cramps. Good luck at your u/s.

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Hope everything is ok. Good luck and KUP!

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Definitely keep us posted! Good luck!

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hope everything is ok!!

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My midwife thought it might be af but after thinking about all the signs she thinks it is still PP.