Got my secret gift..THANKS MELISSA!

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Got my secret gift..THANKS MELISSA!

thanks melissa(lamonsgrl). i got it yesterday actually, but photobucket was being weird so now i'm posting with a pic

and i will say how sneaky of you to pm me telling me my secret person was requesting i fill out the questionaire since i forgot to Smile

anyways, i got some hooded towels(which i have some and love with DD and needed more), bath rags, shampoo and lotion, and diaper rash cream!

and i will add, that the towels have already been shared by DD,,,she had to use one for tonights bath

i am so very greatful!!!

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Very cute!!!

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Glad you like it! I was hoping it would get there soon.

I had to figure out what you needed so the best way I could was to fib a bit. LOL!

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Cuuuute stuff.

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Love the colors!

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awesome! Smile

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Yay! What fun! I love the octopus towel. Smile

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So adorable!!!

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So cute Smile