Got rear-ended-updated

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Got rear-ended-updated

I was on my way back from my nst when some guy slammed into the back of my car on the freeway. I think I'm ok, and my car is ok, but I'm at l&d getting monitored. I could use some prayers and/or positive thoughts.

I'm finally home. The did an ultrasound, blood tests, and an nst. Baby is looking really good. I was having quite a few contractions but I'm still only a fingertip. My back is a little sore and I'm very tired but I'm ok. I was really shaken up at the time but I'm feeling much better now.

I had Brandon's car seat and the base for the baby's seat in my car so I'll probably end up needing to replace them. It was 100% his fault though so his insurance will have to cover. He just wasn't paying attention and didn't notice traffic had stopped. Hs car was jacked up so I'm feeling pretty lucky that I'm ok and that my car has only a few scrapes. It could have been much worse.

I'm going to eat something since I haven't eaten since breakfast this morning, and then I'm. Off to bed. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

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I hope everything is ok with the baby Smile

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Yikes!! Hope everything is okay. That totally sucks. Sad

Were there any car seats in the car at the time? Brandon's or new baby's?

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Oh no! Hope everything is ok!!

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Thats terrible! I got rear ended at thirty nine weeks last time. Everything turned out okay of course but it was upsetting.

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I hope you are doing ok!

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Sending prayers Lenora.

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I hope everything is okay Lenora! Update us when you get a chance

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Oh Lenora, I am so sorry. I hope everything is ok

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Oh gosh! So sorry. Praying everything turns out ok.

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Ditto on carseats- make sure insurance replaces those!

Hope all is well- update us when you can!

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:bump: for update

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so sorry! glad baby and you are doing well!

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Yes, unless they were Britaxes (which have different rules and conditions with a list of things to go by), they need to be replaced. Save them though, in case insurance wants them.

If they were unoccupied at accident time, you can keep the straps and the covers before trashing.

Glad everything is okay! Keep baking, baby! That excitement was not to lure you out! Wink

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So thankful all is OK!

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I'm so thankful you and baby are okay... How stressful!

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So glad you're okay! Please take it easy! :bighug:

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So scary! I'm glad you and the baby are okay!

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I hope everything is ok.

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