Great Day-baby bedding

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Great Day-baby bedding

So I had a very eventful day it was great...I got a massage, had gravel put in the drive (it really needed it), took my best friend out to lunch cause she graduated from nursing school today....the best part, we went to babies r us and I bought my baby bedding...

Funny story with the bedding is I changed it 3 times but I had seen this one pattern with lion king on it. That is my favorite Disney movie...I called SO...I figured hed think I was crazy for changing it again, but he was happy and said get I can decorate the room. I'll try to post pics when I can

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Lion king is great, you can do generic safari to match if you can't find other lion kind stuff and it'll be a fun room theme for him for years. Good buy!

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I am in love with that bedding at Babies R Us, love the Lion King theme. Glad your husband was okay with it.

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I loooove 'The Lion King'! I had a backpack with Simba on it my Junior year of high school- yep, I'm old and yep, I'm a Disney geek Biggrin

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Can't wait to see it!

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Sounds like a fun day. The Lion King bedding sounds cute, I can't wait to see pics!!!