Great day today!

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Great day today!

So today I was supposed to go grocery shopping, but instead on the way to the store I decided I'd rather go get my secret pal her present lol! Biggrin So I was in the baby section of the store, holding some of the items I was considering, and this sweet old lady came up to tell me how cute one of the things was that I had. Then she said "You must be having a girl." AWWW!!! That's the first time anyone has recognized me as being pregnant! I about danced out of there, I was so happy!

Oh, and for fun, my 30 week belly pic!

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yay! I am glad you are having a great day. Smile

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That's great...I loved it when I got my first comment that I was pregnant. I actually got the due any day huh? Comment the other day.....

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Glad you're having a great day!!

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You look great, glad you had such a nice day!!!

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Glad your having a good day!

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looking good Smile and yay for a great day !!!!!

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You look great! Glad you had a great day!

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I love hearing about great days!!!