Growth spurt...

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Growth spurt...

I think Thalía is going through her first. She's eating more and more often, every hour! She's up every two hours at night too :eek:

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Isaiah's been the same the last few days! You know I never felt unsure of my milk supply this early with any of my kids. I'm really pushing the water and oatmeal today. Hopefully that'll help. I keep wanting to start pumping but with how often he's eating I just haven't found the time, I'd hate to pump and then him be hungry less than an hour later

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Ugh, us too! I was up at LEAST once each hour last night. And the ONE time that she slept for 2 hours, the 2 year old was up in the middle of it. :confused:

DH and I got NO sleep last night. About half the time I got up because she was crying, I put the binky back in her mouth and she was good for another 15-30 minutes.

She's such a mouth soother, but keeps losing the binky and (of course) can't put it back in by herself yet. I'm almost thinking we should lose it already. She's struggling with learning to control her arms, she hates it when they are swaddled, but she has the startle reflex at the same time, or she tries to suck on her hand but hits herself in the face instead. It's so frustrating watching her try.

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I think Addisyn is in the middle if one as well. Today and yesterday I've had to supplement more. like she will nurse both sides and act like she is still starving. And a few minutes later I know there's nothing in the boobies for her. And last night she had a5 hour stretch that she slept! And that was because dd1 woke because she had an accident in bed and told me I should feed her and seeing the time I decided I should Smile this morning was the first I've felt rested as a result

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Preemies tend to eat more often than other babies at the beginning too since their stomachs are so tiny. The first two months Brandon was home he was definitely up every two hours to eat. Even after that he was up at least every three hours until he was almost a year.

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Oh wow! It's good to know a bit of what I'm in for. I'm happy her appetite has picked up tho cause then I know she'll be growing.