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Had to share

B/C this is the weirdest thing I've ever felt!

Last night dd woke up a few times falling out of bed. Everytime she woke up the baby woke up too so I had a bear of a time getting back to sleep. But one time was crazy! She got the hiccups and I could feel them down low so I knew she was head down (she's suddenly been flipping a lot lately). But suddenly I felt this huge movement that made me go oof, and then I felt the hiccups high. A couple seconds later she rolled again and the hiccups were low. After that, she just rolled constantly for at least a minute, with the hiccups going high, low, high, low, high, low! It was really the craziest feeling and made me laugh.

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yikes!! That sounds almost painful! Lol I hope she stays head down for you! Lol

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Wow! That is wild! I typically feel the hiccups very low, but as he hiccups, his whole body seems to move so I usually feel some rhythmic movement up high too.

All that roll and flipping must have felt so crazy!

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this! My guy rolls around ALOT, and sometimes it can be really painful, especially if he rubs up against my pelvis or ribs while he's doing it. Never had him doing it with the hiccups, though, that must have been funny!

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baby sounds like she was having a party in there lol!! Kesler does that to when i wake up with sky hes awake and just when im ready to fall asleep he partys in my belly Wink I guess they are showing us they havent made there debut yet, but still have personalities Biggrin

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LOL... there's a party in your tummy/uterus!!!

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lol that sounds painful! baby is doing back flips in there! Lol

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How funny. Baby has Bern head down for awhile but he is still rolling and turning like crazy...there are times it makes me a little nauseous.