Hair loss and milk sensitivity

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Hair loss and milk sensitivity

So is anyone else loosing a ton of hair? I know I've heard of this but OMG it is falling out in chunks. I wake up in the morning and my pillow is covered.

Also is anyone else's LO allergic to the protein in cows milk? Jay started all of a sudden getting diarrhea and they tested and found out he was allergic. I'm hoping he grows out of it. I have to have him on Allimentum formula, luckily Enfamil makes it and Walmart has a generic cause the Similac that my doc wanted him on was like $30 for a 1 lb container. He is doing well on the generic.

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I have only had a little hair loss, so far.

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Not much hair loss here. Your LO is adorable btw.

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Hair loss starts around 3 months, usually, and yeah, it sucks. I still ahve whispies from when Brayden was born, but oh well, totally worth it, IMO!

milk protein allergy is no fun at all, Im glad you found a generic Alimentum...that stuff is NOT cheap.

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No hair loss yet, but I am wondering if kesler is allergic to milk or has a sensitivity because he very gassy and congested .
How do they test for the allergy??

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I feel like I'm shedding all the time. When I have my 7 minute shower enough hair comes out that it blocks the drain. I did this with DD1 too.

I hope you can get the milk allergy sorted out!

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I'm still bf the twins, but they are so miserable all.the.time. that i started an elimination diet yesterday and its dairy that I cut out. I really hope it helps, even though it sticks!

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I haven't started yet, but I'm sure it's coming soon. I think it was 3-4 months it started with my other kids. Ack! Not looking forward to it, my hair got really nice this pregnancy Lol
Hope the new formula continues to do well with him!

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If your hair loss is excessive… have your doctor check your thyroid levels. Post-Partum Hypothyroidism is not at all uncommon and can create a false post-partum depression.

I am psitive that Evie is VERY sensitive to dairy. She wasn't diagnosed, I just cut it out of my diet completely. When I have ANY dairy (we are talking traces of it in taco seasoning or chicken bullion cubes) she is in pain and won't poop the next day or two. So not worth consuming it.

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"skylersmomma" wrote:

No hair loss yet, but I am wondering if kesler is allergic to milk or has a sensitivity because he very gassy and congested .
How do they test for the allergy??

Jayden started having diarhea at about 6 weeks. it didnt stop no matter what I did for close to 2 weeks. so when I went to the doc, Jayden gave him a nice slimy poop. He swabbed it and looked at it and did a test. There was blood in the stool, not to the human eye, but it was from the irritation of the lining of the stomach and intestines. It started out the same as you are saying lots of gas. Then the diarrhea just hit. he was back to normal poops after 2 days of being on the new formula and has been fine ever since. SO if he has diarrhea I would have it checked out right away. If not just keep an eye on it. The docs had me try soy milk first before they did the test for the allergy so you may want to try that.

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"SoniaNoemi138" wrote:

Not much hair loss here. Your LO is adorable btw.

Thank you Sonia!

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YES and YES!
My hair fell out like CRAZY, it started about 3 months pp. Still going, just not as much. But I mean CHUNKS. It was just everywhere.

And Adrian is sensitive to milk protein. He had blood in his stool too, I could actually SEE it Sad So the dr said he was allergic to milk protein. She told me to stop drinking milk (I was BFing and supplementing with similac) and she made me give him alimentum, which both helped and solved the problem. I know its extremely expensive. Do you have WIC where you live? If you qualify moneywise, they cover it if you get a prescription from the pediatrician.

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My hair is falling out too, although not as much as it did after DD was born. My hair is really thick anyway, so it's actually a relief to me when it thins out a bit after pregnancy. It's totally out of control otherwise!

So sorry about the milk allergy. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that he outgrows it. A lot of kids will outgrow allergies when they go through puberty, because the changing hormones affect it. Glad you found a less expensive form of the formula that works for him! I love the picture in your siggy- he is such a cutie!