Hair tourniquet

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Hair tourniquet

Just got home from a trip to the ER. Jacob had a hair wrapped around his lil toe and cutting off circulation. I thought I had removed it this morning but it was hard to tell, so I figured better safe than sorry, and off to the ER we went this afternoon. After being examined, the doctors also couldn't tell if there was still hair in the crease, so they opted for small incisions on either side of the toe to ensure the hair was broken and no longer cutting the circulation off. He's not a very happy baby now, but it should heal up quickly and he'll be no worse for the wear. Poor kid!

That's a copy of my FB status I just posted I don't have time to really get into details, but I just wanted you ladies to be aware and vigilant in checking the babies toes and fingers for those stray hairs I know we're all losing right now. If it wasn't for a friend from another message board posting about going through it, I would have missed it this morning and it could have been MUCH worse. We all love their little fingers and toes, so keep an eye out and just check them each time you change their diapers!

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thank u for the reminder i didnt even think about that . glad u caught it. ( i will be making a point to check from now on )

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This exact thing happened this morning to Kaylee, a hair was wrapped around her finger. Glad you caught it in time.

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Oooooohhhh... poor baby. Sad Glad for the reminder. Selah has had a couple of hairs clenched in her fist the past couple of days... but, I haven't checked her toes at all to make sure they are in the clear. Will do that when she wakes!

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Poor fella! I'm so glad you caught it!