It happened!

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It happened!

Yesterday evening Ronan starting pulling up to a standing position! I'm so not ready for this!!! I want my little baby who loves to snuggle back... he's always on the go now! Seriously though, I'm just thankful that he's willing to sit back down after he stands up. When DD started pulling up, she was terrified of sitting back down, so we had six weeks of her pulling up and then screaming bloody murder... 24 hours a day... before she figured it out... we almost lost our minds!

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Yup! Evie did it finally too! LOL

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Wow! The girls arent doing that yet. We are scooting a little, but they arent even sitting up fully yet. Soon all of little ones are going to be on the move!

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So glad my girl isn't sitting on her own or crawling yet... I would freak out if she pulled to standing now. SLOW DOWN babies!

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Holy smokes!! I have to remind myself that Audrey is a full month or more younger than a lot of our Sept babies..she isn't anywhere near pulling up yet. Look out, he'll be on the move for real before you know it!

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It really is freaking me out a little- I feel like it's going too fast! He's doing a lot of these things earlier than his sister did, so it's catching me by surprise. One thing that's not a surprise... he's eating us out of house and home! Lol!

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YAy, these babies are growing way too fast, they all need to slow down!