Happy baby?

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Happy baby?

Ok spill it...do you have a happy baby or not? The twins are not happy babies! They want to be held all the time and really only by me! They seem to be either eating, sleeping or crying. When I put them down they scream bloody murder! Plus they tag team me, 1 will stop and then the other will start and they continue on this way until I pick them up. They get so upset that they make they spit up. They will be 2 month tomorrow and I have not even seen a smile :confused:

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Kendra is an over all happy baby, though we do have a hard time getting her to smile. she smiles every so often.

Your girls sound cutely difficult Biggrin

Imagine how that tag teaming will work when they hit their teen years Biggrin

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We aren't even a month here but she is a pretty unhappy baby. Yesterday I kept thinking wow, she is actually having a good day and thank God b/c it was such a busy day...but she made up for it by fussing til midnight. She cries so hard sometimes her face gets red and her lips turn purple and she is so forceful a crier that she pushes out a poop sometimes.

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She was a happy baby but with all these gas issues she has turned. We're getting a handle on her gas with the gas drops so she's sleeping more. Phew!

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Just depends on the time of day but especially the last few days I am noticing him being much more happy. The mornings are the best, he just seems so happy when we first wake up in the morning. Evenings he gets pretty cranky though.
It's so unfair because I've noticed with my kids my good sleepers were so much more happy after they woke up than my bad sleepers. DD2 and DS1 were horrible sleepers and when they woke up (and still to this day!) they were super cranky when they woke up. I hate to reccomend a book to read to any new mom much less one with twins but I found Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child to be so helpful in the sleep department Smile

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Shaylynn is a happy baby. She really only fusses when she is hungry. Sometimes she will fuss a little to be held and then she will go right to sleep when I hold her, but most times she is pretty content to just lay and look around. She was awake for like 2 hours yesterday afternoon, we were sitting outside and I had her in the infant seat and she was very content.

She doesn't smile in response yet, but she does make the cutest smiles at random times.

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I think Ronan is a happy baby. Of course he has fussy times like all babies do, but overall he is happy. I feel like I'm going to jinx myself by admitting this- lol! DD was NOT a happy baby (at least at this age). She was pretty difficult as an infant, so that was what I was expecting, but I am definitely not complaining! But DD was a better sleeper at night- she slept longer stretches at night right from the beginning, so maybe it evens out somehow? They both started smiling around the same time, but Ronan smiles much more often.

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Sleeping is not the biggest problem, although we co-sleep and it really isnt by my choice. The biggest thing for me is that I cant put them down without them screaming and they really prefer me over anyone else . Jocelyn is definately worse, but none the less they both are difficult. I hate to let them scream, but heck I have to sometimes to get stuff done or go to the bathroom...LOL.

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Kesler is a pretty fussy baby u can't put him down without him screaming.

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This makes me feel so much better. I am a FTM and my baby is happy and awake about 2 hours of the day and the rest he is sleeping or fussing. I know it will get better with time but sometimes it stinks.

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He was a perfectly happy baby, so content, until we both got some tummy troubles that STILL haven't cleared up. It is either a virus that is mild but hard to get rid of, or something I am eating- though my diet hasn't changed that I can figure.

He is still pretty happy and content except when his tummy hurts, which is all too often Sad

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Oh boy, Simone is not a fan of being put down. She has been known to scream bloody murder at the most inconvenient times, i.e. when I am home by myself and need to get the twins to bed or when all 3 older kids need something and have to put her down. She has gotten so mad at me and cried so hard she has broken a sweat.

This kid lays on the mommy guilt REALLY THICK.

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I do not have a happy baby. When not asleep or eating there are few and short times when she is not fussing. battling colic and I think at times reflux I don't blame her. we have gotten smiles, so I guess there is some happy inside.

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Daniel is happy overall. ALthough, he does get fussy in the evenings. I agree with Mandi. That is a great book!!!!! I read it cover to cover with my second child (my very unhappy baby!!)

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I got lucky- she's pretty content unless she's hungry.

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Overall, Kyla is a happy baby. We are finally getting out of the fussy evening stage. As long as she is being held or in her bouncer beside me DH or DD she is usually pretty content. We do hBe to keep her elevated (once we figured that out and got her on reflux mess it made a huge difference). She also loves her change table.

She has started to laugh a coo. She is also very ticklish under one of her chins

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CJ is only a few weeks old so I'm not sure if he's going to be a happy baby or not. He des get very gassy at night and he doesn't like to.be put down, but he seems content for the most part.

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Selah is happy most of the time... Just fusses when hungry or has a dirty diaper.... Once fixed, she's happy.

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I have to admit, they are both easy going babies although Kaylee is a little spoiled. Brad is staying awake more but is content laying on his play mat and looking around. We got our first smiles this week which is really awesome.