Happy May and nice surprises!!

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Happy May and nice surprises!!

So i have a wonderful friend that i have known for a few years through work. he is one of our volunteers. He is one of the nicest, most sincere guys i know. he is a little older than me, but he is a truly wonderful person. He and hubbie get along really well. i have considered him family for a long time, so he was thrilled when i told he is Kendras uncle Smile He has no nieces or nephews, no kids of his own, so he is very excited for the arrival of Kendra! i had a work thing yesterday and he came over afterwards for dinner and to hang out. with him he brought a HUGE baby gift bag. in it was about 18 gordeous outfits, sizes from 3 months to a year. he bought a 5 pack of receiving blankets, a pack of washcloths with a matching froggie towel, and 4 packs of bibs! AND they were all from Carters!!! now i love carters, but they are expensive so therefore would probably not get much from them. they were in all season appropriate, so he put alot of thought into what size to get for what season! i was so touched by his thoughtfulness..and yes i did cry a little! so now i have DH busting his rump getting Dh #1's new room done in the basement cause i am anxious to get the nursery stuff put away! i have a big red plastic bin that holds everything i have collected from our friends so far. all should be done right around the time that i have my baby shower, which is NEXT MONTH!!! Yahoo

Spring time is here in full spring swing ladies...August is fast approaching!! I am so excited for all of us!!!

Happy May to us all!!

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Wow, that is quite a friend!

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Wow how kind of your friend! Time is certainly starting to move now Biggrin

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Wow, that's awesome...what a nice surprise!!!

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What a great friend and awesome suprise.