Happy New Year, Sapphires!

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Happy New Year, Sapphires!

I blinked, and 2012 happened. Weren't our babies just born? Hard to believe it's been an entire year-plus!

Do you have any goals/resolutions/hopes for the year ahead?

Share them with us!
-be more present (something I've been working on in the last several months)- turn the computer off while the kids are awake, get down on the floor and play with them, listen to the same silly knock-knock jokes over and over and laugh every time instead of just "mmhmm"ing
-purge the excess toys/clothes from the playroom. keep a few favorites just in case. sell/give away the rest.
-initiate more often in the bedroom
-decide on a ttc plan (if/when) that is mutually agreeable, and be at peace with that decision

How about you?

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Hi!!! We are doing great over here!! The girls are wonderfully amazing! They are truly the best surprise ever!

So resolutions are to try and focus on myself again. Exercise and eat healthier as a family.
spend more time doing family things.

I hope everyone is doing well Smile

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I don't really set resolutions.. but I am going to try and be a better person than I was yesterday. I'm trying to be more patient with the kids, yell less, etc. We are probably going to cancel our Sattelite TV. We don't really watch it and we have other things to be doing during the day for the kids, anyway.