Have to brag on my little man for a second

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Have to brag on my little man for a second

I just had to share some new things for Ronan. First, he FINALLY has teeth! After four months of teething, the two bottom teeth have broken through! So excited about that.

Also, he can now go from lying down to sitting up all by himself! DD was almost 10 months old when she mastered that skill, so it surprised us when he started doing it right before he turned 7 months! He is doing a great job getting around, too. He still "army crawls" instead of crawling up on his knees, but he's coordinating his arms and legs and he is FAST! Lol!

It's so fun to watch all of these "firsts" happen! Now if he would just figure out how to sleep through the night...

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That is so awesome. I can't wait until Andrew can do that because he gets so mad when he is sitting and falls over.

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Yahoo WTG!!

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Great Job.

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YAY, hes doing amazing...I hear you on the sleeping through the night Wink

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That's awsome!!!

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Wow! He seems like such a big boy now.