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Have you girls started

Wondering what LO will look like?? I've got two boys that look NOTHING alike! They couldn't even pass for cousins, let alone brothers! And they've got the same dad. (I've been asked this too..) I'd really like it if Kyan came out with black hair (from his dad) and green eyes (like mine, I know they won't be green straight away but turn to green later!).

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Definitly. We are asked frequently if our girls are twins. This is so weird to me since they are 16 months apart but I guess that is less obvious to strangers. DD1 has red hair like her dad and DD2 has very light blonde hair like I did when I was a child (it is dark blonde to light brown now). So, we are wondering what color the hair is going to be this tme Smile

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I haven't stopped wondering!
My kids all look similar, you'd know they are siblings but they are definitely not the same. DD1 is a mix, DD2 looks just like me, DS looks just like dh except with my eyes. They all have my eyes so far and I think it'd be really neat for this one to get dh's. From the ultrasounds he has a more round face shape than DD2 and DS1, DD1 has a round face like dh too. I think he has dh's nose too. Oh and I think he'll have hair. DD1 had a headful, DD2 was bald until a year old and DS1 was in between, he had a hair at birth that fell out but he definitely had more hair than DD2 at a year.

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I wonder too. My SILs kids looked nothing alike for the first couple years but now the definately look like sisters. DH and his sisters are also visably related. DH looks so much like his dad (teacher) that whenever we would go out in our hometown people would ask him if that was his dad.

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I've thought about it. When they did the 4D scan the last two times I noticed he looks a lot like Brandon and everyone else thinks so too. I'm expecting a clone. I am really hoping he has Chris's eyes though. Chris has really light hazel, almost green eyes. I'm fairly certain the baby will look more like Brandon and me though. I'm excited to meet him either way.

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The scan we had last week, Simone looks like her big sister. Dame mouth and everything. The tech says she has alot of hair, so I am curious to see how much it will be.

All 3 of my kids look like DH, so no doubt people will wonder when i adopted them from China

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My scans haven't been the best, and I won't get a 3d/4d one this time around (can't seem to find a place close enough, or that doesn't cost ridiculous amounts of money). The one good profile shot I've gotten of him, he looks like a clone of DS2. I'm fairly certain that he will have brown hair and eyes, since both DH and I do, tho there's a chance of different since both my DS's have blonde hair.

I'd love him to look like DH. My 2 DS's take after me alot, DS1 is almost a clone of me, with the only thing he took after his father is the teeth and hair. DS2 looks so much like my father, their baby pictures are hard to tell apart! He also got his father's teeth, but seems to be more like my hair than his dad's.

I've had lots of dreams about this baby, but its hard to tell if any of them are accurate. I had one where he looked almost Mexican, he had dark skin and almost black hair. DH is 1/8th Native American and definitely has the darker skin from them, but I really don't think we'll have a baby that dark or with black hair lol. I have also dreamed several times about him being a girl, even my most recent one was about him being a girl and us scrambling to figure out clothing and all that lol!

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DH has brown hair and blue eyes. His son has brown hair blue eyes (his mom does too) DD has brown hair and brown eyes (her eyes come from her biological mom). ALL of DH's family has brown hair and brown eyes, except his mom, where i assume DH gets them from.

ok, my mom has brown hair and brown eyes. my biological father had an odd shade of redish/blond hair. mine is darker blond with very light blond highlights (natural). my brother is BLOND. i can totally see this kid having red hair and green eyes. im fine either way ofcourse, but with his entire family having brown hair, i would love to have ONE child that isnt a brunette LOL

no 3d/4d ultrasound for us :(, but on our gender scan the shape of her head DEFINATELY didnt look like DH's LOL

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I think about this all the time! We really couldn't tell much from the two ultrasounds, because he kept his hands in front of his face. I'm hoping he looks a little bit like me. DD looks EXACTLY DH except that she has my eyes. I don't have a problem with her looking like him, but I would like to have one child who people believe is actually related to me ;-). I would love it if this one had my hair, but I'm not not holding out much hope. I'm sure he'll probably be another DH clone! Lol! I think it would be nice to see a little bit of my side of the family come through.

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DS looks a bit more like me. And DD1 looks a bit more like DH... but both are still a good mix of both of us. Both of my kids were born with really dark hair that fell out/lightened quite a bit. I'm hoping this little one has really dark hair forever. Wink

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I think about it all the time. I've had dreams and so has my mom about how he's gonna look.I know he has some hair cause at the ultrasound they saw it. It will be interesting to see if its curly or straight. I'm sure it will be black cause we both have black hair. I know he's got his fathers nose and it looks like my mouth. I pray that even thou he's a mixed baby he gets my eyes. I'm not sure what skin color hell be but I do hope he gets his fathers dimples.

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all the time. DD looks like me in the face, but other than than she is all DH. has his height(98%) and his build(tall and skinny). i joke that Addisyn will have my builit(short and plump, lol). thought i almost have no doubt that that she will be the blonde hair light eyes (blue or green) that all the kids in the family are born with.