Having a really tough time.

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Having a really tough time.

Sorry I've been mia ladies things have been rough. I haven't been sleeping at all. The first two nights I was up all night long with him before my milk came in. Then on the second night my milk came in but he had to go under the photo therapy lights for jaundice and his weight dropped under 10% so we had to start supplementing feedings. We were making trios to the nursery every two hours for feedings but I still got horribly engorged. He wouldn't latch on though and pumping wasn't helping so it was brutal. We got home yesterday, but Breastfeeding hasn't gotten any better I'm afraid. Last night he spent about four hour straight nursing but he just wasn't getting satisfied. We did end up finally giving him a bottle of formula because he was so hungry and upset. This morning my nipples are sore, cracked, and bleeding. I saw three lactation consultants in the hospital And they all said he has a beautiful latch but a very strong suck. None of them were able to help much for anything but the enforcement which is finally starting to go away. I also don't seem to keep up with his appetite which is super frustrating. We see the pediatrician tomorrow so we will see what she says. All i know is I can't go on like this much longer. I feel like I'm nursing every minute of the day and I'm not sleeping and my hormones are all over the place.

Don't mean to unload this on you but I just wanted you all to know why I haven't been around. I do try and lurk when I can though.

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:bighug: I'm so sorry you're going through this. Although it's not the same it sounds similar to what I went through/am going through. I hope with time things can get more normal.

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Sometimes it helps just to get it out.

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Lenora I'm sorry your having a difficult time. I too had some issues similiar yo yours in the begining, but thankfully at about the 2 wk mark things melllowed out. I hope you find the same.

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HUGS. I'm sorry BF'ing has been so rough. Hopefully, you all will get settled into a good routine.

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:bigarmhug: Hope things start getting better!

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:bigarmhug: Like Erin said, I had non-stop feeding the first couple weeks. She is starting to mellow out but I know it can be rough at first.

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the first few weeks of nursing are AWFUL.

Im sorry you're having such a rough time.

Talk to your pedi about 2 things specifically 1) Tongue tie. It can be subtle, not everyone recognizes it, and can cause bad milk transfer even with a good latch. 2) reflux. Sometimes babies act "hungry" when they're actually having reflux and it can cause insanity in nursing moms.

Also, I'd consult a lactation consultant that DOESNT work in the hospital - find an IBCLC. Call a la leche league leader in your area and ask for a referral to an IBCLC. A lot of "lactation consultants" int he hospital arent actually certified



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I sure hope the pedi can help out! I have had to supplement once and felt bed but came to the realization that whatever my baby needed, I was providing!

I also nursed round the clock with DD1 because of her colic and I really feel for you. I couldn't imagine doing it with another child.

Hugs to you and keep letting us know how you are doing!

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i'm sorry things aren't going well. I'm here if you need anything, seriously. I only live about an hour from you, i'm in corona and work from home so I'm always around.

And like pp said, some LC's in the hospital are actually just trained nurses who are not certified. just because baby has a "good latch" does not mean adequate transfer. And on the other side, a baby with a high suck need doesn't always need feedings. For the first week reagan wanted to do nothing but be at the breast. to the point of making herself sick because she was overeating just to staisfy her suck need.

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Sorry you are having a rough time. I hope it gets better soon. Big hugs!

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I'm so sorry things have been rough! I had a similar experience with DD as far as being sore- she had a great latch and a really strong suck, but it still tore me up and I was completely miserable for the first two weeks or so. After that everything was fine. But those first two weeks were pretty much the worst thing ever! I hope the pediatrician can help you get everything figured out. The lack of sleep is totally miserable. Ronan has been wanting to eat all night long as well. Getting only one hour of sleep at a time has been making me crazy! I hope you can get some rest and relief soon!

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:bigarmhug: Im sorry things have been rough for you lately and i pray that everything gets better real soon!

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:bigarmhug: I hope things get easier soon!

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Just sending you lots of hugs and well wishes. It sucks that you are so sore and struggling I hope it improves soon and you get a break.

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Lenora, hugs to u girl!
I know how u feel. I hope and pray things start going better soon
P.s. CJ is adorable Smile

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Thanks girls. It's been rougher than I anticipated. My nipples about two days ago were completely covered in bloody scabs. It became too painful to nurse so yesterday I pumped. I'm not pumping much at all and he had a weight check today and he hasn't gained at all, even with the supplementing. We are going to continue bf and supplementing after each feed and we have another weight check on Tuesday. At this point I'm ok if we have to switch to formula. I'm mentally and emotionally drained and I feel like I'm neglecting Brandon because I'm consumed with trying to get bf right. I also don't want to get to the point where I start having feelings of resentment towards the baby...I want to enjoy this time as much as I can, and this one thing is partially in my control. We are going to give it our best try over the next week and if it doesn't work we will probably start formula feeding mostly ( but I'll continue to pump bottles as much as I can)

On a positive note, we had ton take him for a heel stick to check his bilirubin levels and the numbers are continuing to go down which is awesome.