He walks!

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He walks!

Andrews been cruising around the furniture all the time and the past day or two hes been standing unassisted. This evening I walk in the door after work and hes standing up cruising around the chair and he walks to me! He walked to me like he was pro. For the next 1/2 hour we put him in the middle of the room and then made him walk to us. He couldn't do it every time but about 1/2 of the times he could do it.

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Yahoo that's amazing. Yay Andrew. That's seems so young to be walking. You're going to be so busy now. I dunno how I manage and they are only crawling, I don't even want to think about walking.

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Yahoo How exciting. It's definitely a lot more interesting now that CJ is mobile, lol.

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That is so exciting! Doesn't seem possible that they're old enough for this!

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Holy smokes!! I also think that early walkers are a bit like drunks...unsteady on their feet, with no concept of danger! You'll be getting lots of exercise chasing him around!

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Have fun! Vanessa just started crawling this week and up until now she has had no mobility. it was nice Smile Now she seems like such a big girl.

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Wow! Go Andrew!