he weighs.............

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he weighs.............

he weighs 11 lbs 8 oz!! Wink He is 7 wks today Sad
altho he sleeps like poo...... up in hr intervals and the most 2 hrs at one time we are freaking sleep deprieved here Sad hope everyone is well!!!

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Big boy!!! I also feel your pain about the lack of sleep. My girls only let me get 3 hrs or less @ a time.

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So glad he is doing well and growing! So sorry about the sleep! Ronan has only just started (knock on wood) to sleep longer than about 2 hours at a time. The sleep deprivation is rough!

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YAY for the weight Smile Boo for the sleep depervation Sad Hope he starts sleeping better, you need it.

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Big Boy. CJ is also over 11 pounds but he's not quite 6 weeks. Sorry about the lack of seep. CJ will do 3-5 hour stretches, but Brandon was a preemie and an awful sleeper and it sucked big time. I hope he starts sleeping longer stretches soon.