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So... I used to be a real bad migraine sufferer but they have eased up in the past years. For the last week or so i've had these horrible headaches. I know I can take regular strength tylenol but i don't want to take any medicine while pg (although i have on a few ocassions) Why do we get headaches while pg? Could they be a cause of high bp? So far by bp has been good. Also, how often should we take tylenol (or not) or should we just go by what the dose guide is (i would obvioulsly do that anyway) How much is too much?

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I've had bad headaches with this pregnancy and my pregnancy with DS, no high blood pressure or anything. I think it's just hormonal.
I take a regular dose of extra strength tylenol (I tried to find regular strength and could not find it ANYWHERE!) when it gets bad. Honestly it doesn't always even work, I'm hoping to remember to ask again at my appointment tomorrow but I remember asking with DS and not getting much of an answer.

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I am a long-time sufferer of headaches and migraines. I get cluster headaches though, so I'll get a whole bunch right after the other. I have had some headaches since becoming pregnant and I take extra-strength tylenol according to the dosage on the bottle (I think it's every 4-6 hours), though I rarely, if ever, need more than one dose (either the tylenol helps or it doesn't and I tough through it).

The last two weeks I've had some bad headaches. Some of them have been sinus headaches. The others I thought were hormone-related, but only came later in the day, and tylenol didn't really seem to help things. I'm learning now, that because of the way I sleep I'm putting a lot of strain in the muscles in my shoulders, neck, and upper back and that's actually causing some of the more frequent headaches. Chris was giving me a massage and he got to one spot in my upper back (near my shoulder blades), and the pain went all the way up my back, shoulders, neck, and into my head. I had a lot of knots and things, and he was able to help the pain quite a bit. I'm just learning to deal with them. I know that sleeping on my side is causing a lot of the problems but sleeping on my back is obviously not an option. I even have a snoogle, but oh well.