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Has anyone's headaches started yet?

I swore mine had started by now last time, but I haven't experienced them yet. I'm a little healthier and on a lot of vitamins and supplements this time around and wondered if that might have something to do with it.

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I had some in the beginning, but not as bad as the ones I had with my first pregnancy in the 2nd trimester.

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I've been dealing with headaches but mine are due to muscle strain and tension in my neck and shoulders. It happens when I sleep in awkward positions.

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I had been getting them almost daily but the last few weeks have been much better thank goodness! I probably get one a week now? Nothing compared to before and I hope it stays that way, especially with the weather warming up

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Oh yes! Definitely getting headaches here. Very often. I had about a week and a half reprieve but they are back. Really sucks. When I vomit (I still do sometimes) they are even worse. I have to stay hydrated.

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I got headaches at the beginning but they are better now.

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Ive had them since the end of the 1st trimester. They were good for awhile but have come back. I had one today. Mine turn into migraines so I hate them.