headed to celebrate our anniversary!

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headed to celebrate our anniversary!

So sat, sun, and monday night DD is staying with her uncle for a night then gma and gpa for the next two night. DH and I are off to a Bed and BReakfast to celebrate our 5yr wedding anniversary! Which acutally isn't until sept8, buuuut, that is also the exact due date and first week of j's preschool(with all it's glorious orientation and meet the teacher activities) so we decided to celebrate early so the anniverary didn't get pushed aside. oh and friend of ours (best man in our wedding) is getting married on 9-10 and DH and DD are both in the wedding, so we figured our annivesary might be an after thought. and i was supposed to do the wedding cake, but had to cancel when we found out the due date

i'm nervous, have never been away from DD for more than one night! excited to spend much needed alone time with DH and we've never been to a B&B. and we are booked for a spa treatment for both of us while there Smile

might be on a bit on my phone, but not sure. so i may be MIA

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Nice!! enjoy your weekend Smile spa treatment sounds relaxing Wink have a great time!!!

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Jealous!! Sounds like a great weekend! Have fun, can't wait to hear the details!

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Have a great time!!!! I'm super jealous!

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Happy Anniversary (even if it is a bit early!)! It was our anniversary yesterday, but DH is out of town.

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Happy Anniversary and have fun! the spa treatments sound good right about now Biggrin

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Happy Anniversary, I hope you had a great time. I've never been to a B&B either so you'll have to let us know how you liked it!!!

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Hope you are having fun!!! I'm sure your dd will do fine Smile

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Hope you had an amazing time! We didn't celebrate our anniversary (it was earlier this month) but we plan to do something big next year for our 10th. I'm sure your DD did great- it's wonderful to get away without the little ones sometimes and just focus on being a couple!