"Heart, heart heart"- a funny from my DD2

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"Heart, heart heart"- a funny from my DD2

I had to share this with you all. Whenever I come to this site to read up on everything, my younger DD climbs in my lap and says "heart, heart, heart, heart." She knows our blinkies have hearts in them. She is currently OBSESSED with hearts right now. So when I come to our site. She runs over and says "HEART

I should get video of her doing it. So cute.

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aww too cute Smile

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Way cute - I love how such simple things makes kids happy lol

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Too cute

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I love it!

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Aaaww too cute!

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lol that's so funny! My boys do the same thing, except with my ticker. The youngest says "BABY! BABY!" he wants to see the baby, and my oldest will say "Mommy, let me see how many boxes we have left" lol I show him only one box left and he gets so excited, they have to see it every time i log on here lol cute